Timber Cladding in Scotland

Ed. Peter Wilson, 2002, Authors Ivor Davies, Dr. Bruce Walker, James Pendlebury

ISBN 1-904320-00-7

297 x 210mm (A4) portrait;; 64pp soft cover


The increasing popularity in Scotland of external timber cladding has created a need for accurate historical and technical information specifically relevant to Scottish conditions. The technical risks of using timber cladding in exposed maritime climate are manageable and no greater than in similar climates, such as the western coastal zones of Canada and Norway, where external timber cladding is widely used. There are also evidence of strong historical precedents for external timber cladding having been used throughout rural and urban Scotland Timber Cladding in Scotland thus provides an invaluable reference for policy makers, architects, engineers, self-builders, planning and building control officers, contractors and cladding manufacturers.

Timber Cladding in Scotland

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