External Timber Cladding - 

Design, Installation and Performance

Ivor Davies and John Wood, 2010

ISBN 978-1-904320-08-1

297 x 210mm (A4) portrait; 192pp, soft cover



No longer an unusual feature on buildings in the UK, the design, installation and performance of external timber cladding on new construction nevertheless continue to generate detailed questions from architects, specifiers and contractors.  External Timber Cladding - Design, Installation and Performanceis the result of extensive research, testing and detail development and provides the user with evidence based information on how to respond to the contradictory demands of moisture control and fire, the two biggest issues affecting the use of timber on building facades. Divided into six clearly distinguishable sections, the book offers easily referenced guidance to current legislation, detail drawings and answers to the majority of questions surrounding a subject that is technically more complex than it might at first seem. Referred to by many as ‘The Bible of Timber Cladding’ his publication is an essential reference source for architects and facade designers.

External Timber Cladding - Design, Installation and Performance