Building Offsite - An Introduction

Dr Robert Hairstans, 2016

ISBN 978-1-904320-10-4

297 x 210mm (A4) portrait; 44pp, soft cover



The skills, knowledge and behaviours involved in offsite construction are different from those of traditional onsite construction processes and the move to factory environments results in increased applications of lean production philosophy and automation. In order to realise the benefits this brings with respect to environmental impact, whole life cost as well as health and safety, strategic planning and logistical optimisation need to be implemented through coherent management of the different phases of activity. Building Offsite - An Introductionaddresses the issues an processes involved in client and customer management, design management, programme management and the planning of transportation and logistics. Organised in clear sections to explain the principles, benefits and barriers to use of offsite construction, the publication helpfully defines the various offsite design terminologies currently in use before addressing structural robustness, building  and acoustic performance and thermal analysis criteria achievable when building in a factory environment. A series of exemplar case studies complete the package of information designed to provide a full understanding of what is meant by offsite construction today.

Building Offsite - An Introduction