A Low Carbon Building Standards Strategy for Scotland

Report of a panel appointed by Scottish Ministers, chaired by Lynne Sullivan, 2007

ISBN 1-904320-06-6; updated 2013 - 978-1-782569-92-3

Available from Scottish Building Standards, www.gov.scot/Publications/2013/11/8593


There is now an overwhelming body of scientific evidence available to demonstrate that climate change is a serious and urgent issue. More than 40% of Scotland’s carbon dioxide emissions -  a major cause of climate change - comes from the energy we use to heat, light and run our buildings. It is vital therefore to ensure that new buildings are constructed in ways that minimise these harmful emissions and that existing buildings are improved and refurbished so that their use results insignificant reductions in carbon dioxide production. A Low Carbon Building Standards Strategy for Scotland (otherwise known as The Sullivan Report) is intended to drive a step change in building practice and sets out a vision for the way the Building Standard system and policies in Scotland should dv develop in the course of a decade and beyond. This a seminal document sets out a route map designed to lead to low- and, eventually, total-life zero carbon buildings.

A Low Carbon Building Standards Strategy for Scotland

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