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Innovation lies at the heart of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd’s work with the development and use of new, timber-based products and systems to change the perceptions of wood within the construction industry. 


Research + development

The change in the way we think about - and use - timber-based products and systems is the result of intensive research and development carried out over the past 30 years by specialist research centres, university departments and manufacturing companies in different parts of the world, either individually or in collaboration: work that continues today to advance the benefits and possibilities of timber design and construction. The consequent need to disseminate the outputs of this R&D work more widely to the design and construction sectors as well as providing sound technical grounding to them in the use of emergent engineered and modified timber products and systems is the raison d’être of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd. 

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Build Back Rural

Recently, we have been exploring the development of new technologies to use dowel laminated timber within the rural areas of Europe, with Scotland providing the opportunity for a pilot project, designed to create a mobile factory that will utilise locally grown timber to provide affordable housing in remote rural areas. This technology will allow communities to produce a mass timber system from the local forest, empowered then to make their own housing and community buildings as and when required.

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