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Through the construction of demonstration projects that utilise the timber products and systems developed within its innovation programme. Timber Design Initiatives Ltd seeks to publicly demonstrate advances in timber design and engineering by enabling the fabrication and testing of full-scale, prototypical structures that can also be shown to add value to the built environment.

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MultiPly_AHEC_Waugh Thistleton_Arup_Tuli

The MultiPly Project

MultiPly demonstrates modular design using mass timber systems as a method for combatting the UK's housing crisis and the ongoing global action to fight climate change. 

Designed by Waugh Thistleton Architects in collaboration with American Hardwood Export Council and ARUP, the 60 cubic metre maze structure could be explored by the public as an expression of the possibilities of hardwood CLT.

Timber Design Initiatives facilitated the manufacture and testing of the hardwood CLT by companies and organisations based in Scotland for a final structure at V & A London in 2018.


Scottish Scenic Routes

Scotland has many beautiful and impressive places in its landscape and the routes to and from these spectacular locations have many points along the way where visitors and tourists would instinctively stop to take in the view, to rest or to eat if the appropriate facilities were available. The Scottish Scenic Routes Initiative was established in 2013 to respond to this opportunity.

Timber Design Initiatives' Director Peter Wilson initiated the Scottish Scenic Routes programme with support from the Scottish Government and 11 other partner agencies.The project tasks involved developing and managing competition structures for young architects and subsequent work packages to take the overall initiative forward across sites throughout Scotland. Phase 1 projects have all now been built with a number of them winning national architecture awards. Phase 2 is currently in development and looks to utilising new products and systems manufactured from locally grown timber.

MultiPly_AHEC_Waugh Thistleton_Arup_Tuli
MultiPly_AHEC_Waugh Thistleton_Arup_Tuli

Build Back Rural - Investigating Local Manufacture of Dowel Laminated Timber

This project will test the research on dowel laminated timber panels to be produced locally in rural areas, as a method of combating the rural housing crisis in the UK. In collaboration with MAKAR and other Scottish based companies and organisations, the project will result in the manufacture, design and construction of a pilot affordable housing project using locally produced dowel laminated timber panels

Timber Design Initiatives has led this project and has organised all partnerships.