September 2020

taking the factory to the forest

taking the factory to the forest.jpg

Traditionally, forest resources are transported to a(n often distant) sawmill where they are processed and then often shipped to a separately located manufacturing facility. The value-added end products are shipped elsewhere, sometimes even for sale as construction components back to the community their raw material came from.  


The intention in taking the factory to the forest is for this resource to be seen as part of a community enterprise in which the separate processes - and community sweat equity - are brought together to manufacture end products for local construction and keeping their higher value within the rural economy.
The importance of the factory being mobile is the entire range of production equipment can be leased or rented when required - it doesn’t need community ownership or investment, thus avoiding the financial challenge that too often faces small rural communities of finding capital for purchase, accepting depreciation on the investment and the ongoing costs of maintenance and repair.